Swiss NEMA Machine

On these pages I have some information about my Swiss NEMA encryption machine.

I scanned in the manual and created French and English translations. Please see the "Crypto Manuals" section to the left.

If you have other information/stories about the NEMA, or possibly used one yourself, please contact me by clicking the "contact" link on the navigation bar to the left.

NEMA front, locked

Top of box, showing warning and serial number

top of keyboard

rotor lid up


cover open

spare rotor cover

spare rotors exposed

right side

external display
External lamp display

external display cable
External lamp display cable

This image shows a light socket power adapter. This cleaver little device allows the operator to unscrew the lightbulb, insert this adapter, and then to plug the light back in. The two holes on the side allow the operator to plug the NEMA in. So you can have both light, and the NEMA at the same time!

electrical power adaptor
Light socket power adapter

F rotor top
Rotor "F", right side

Rotor bottom
Rotor "F", left side




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