German Enigma Machine

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Enigma and friend
Enigma machine protected by guard dog


German Enigma Machine


front of box
Back of box (note the hinge), with serial number and carrying strap



This type of Enigma machine came with 5 rotors (I, II, III, IV, V). Three could be placed into the machine at any one time. The others usually had a separate box for transport.

rotor top
Top of rotor V

rotor bottom
Bottom of rotor V


Rotor eagle
Closeup of the eagle, with the marking WaA618


Rotors in place
Rotors I, II, and III in place

standalone rotors
Rotors IV and V


Plugboard and Keyboard

Plugboard, here swapping A with J, and S with O


Enigma machine cover opened
Enigma machine inside cover open, exposing rotors, battery compartment, and bare bulbs


Enigma keyboard


Bletchley Park


Bletchley Park
The mansion at Bletchley Park in October 2005


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